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Skiing in the Pyrenees and the French Alps

5 Nov

So here’s my first post in the “Travel” section, although it’s not exactly travel in the sense of exploring new places. Ski resorts don’t tend to show you the culture of that country; rather they are just playgrounds in the mountains. So perhaps this should be a separate category of “sport” but whatever….

I wanted to mention skiing as it is one of the most exhilarating experiences I’ve known: hurtling down a mountain, the wind in your face, muscles being exerted, heart pumping, sweat pouring! All in beautiful scenery.  I learnt to ski in Andorra, a tiny country in the Pyrenees, then subsequently ski-ed in Meribel and Tignes in the French Alps.

Yes I know skiers have a habit of nagging non-skiers to give it a try; but when I first tried it, I realised why!