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Bushwalking in Kalamunda, Western Australia (just outside Perth)

5 Nov

Now for some more words around those pictures I’ve just posted. Photos don’t really do justice to a place. I think you have to actually be there to appreciate the (cliches coming up) rugged, natural beauty of Kalamunda.

Just need to add some important warnings here:

– CHECK THE BUSHFIRE RISK with the authorities before going bushwalking

– Take first aid kit for snake/spider bites and a mobile phone to call for an ambulance

– Suncream, sunglasses and hat: skin cancer is a real risk

– Check any other necessary precautions for the location you’re going to: I can’t remember them all here, so check in a book or online

Now back to the post: Kalamunda has some beautiful bushwalking. You can get a bus from central Perth (and elsewhere within Perth), then head out of the town and into the bush, Geology, fauna and flora, they all add up to make this place just feel wonderful! And no, I don’t mean “breathtaking” or “stunning” or those other emphatic adjectives; but it has its own under-stated beauty, a nice little piece of the world, an escape from the city. OK, it’s hard to avoid cliches here!

I did get lost after dark though (remember a torch!) – I had to just head for the streetlights in the distance and when I got there I found my way to an intersection of two streets and phoned for a taxi. I gave the street names and they asked “What suburb is that?” so I replied “I’ve no idea, I’m completely lost!”